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This is my little cat Angelina.

A little under 2 years ago, she was taken from my front garden by two men in Irvine, Scotland. She was used as a game at their drunken party, where they apparently drugged her and then proceeded to cut off her ears, and her tail whilst taking pictures and videoing the whole thing.

She was then left in a bedroom over night as they waited for her to bleed out, so they could throw her out dead somewhere in the morning. When they found her alive in the morning, they put her in a polythene bag inside a dog-mess bin.

In the early hours of the next morning, she was mieowing on our doorstep and flipping open the letterbox after making her way back home, where we rushed her to the nearest emergency vet in the mindset she would have to get put down. 

After 22 long months, Angelina is still alive today. Yesterday, 3rd of April 2014 - Owen McCullagh got sentenced 15 months (after pleading guilty at Kilmarnock Sherriff Court, claiming it was just a laugh) imprisonment for causing unnecessary suffering to wee Angelina and the other charged (Craig Higgins) plea of not guilty got accepted.

For those of you on my blog, who wouldn’t normally reblog things like this. I’m asking you please just to reblog, share on facebook, twitter, whatever you like to raise awareness for animal cruelty. The justice system does not do enough for animal cruelty situations and it’s honestly disgusting the fact that they’d need to do anything! Cruelty to animals should not even be a thing, it is sick, vile and pathetic, and quite frankly if it was left to me, he would have been on death row and not just in jail for 15 months.

It’s about time we stood up against animal cruelty.

What in the holy hell?!

Wow! That is horrible! I can’t imagine anyone hurting my little Jayfeather. ;3;

I would be so sad, and probably be out for blood to anyone who even looked at him wrong!!

My cat is my best friend~

I just can’t. Reading that made me feel sick.

'Claiming it was just a laugh'!? What a sick fucking piece of trash
i am crying for your darling cat

"just a laugh"? ….

If someone ever dared touch or hurt my kitty I would slice them into pieces with my dads dull ass machete for “just a laugh”.




Don’t make me use them, I’ll make it look like an accident….

Yeahhhhh…. No.

If gyaru gave two shits about male opinions on their physical appearance they wouldn’t have had a Yamanba phase. They wouldn’t often tan, wear hair up to high heaven, or wear nails that could castrate if you pissed them off. And they sure as fuck wouldn’t be sporting excessive d.i.a belts, frilly Liz Lisa EVERYTHING, NEON as fuck Co&Lu, or MA*RS heels taller than your dick is long if they even slightly cared what you think. But the brilliant thing is, gyaru give no fucks. None. Never.

Sure, the nails get in the way. But that’s fine if we want it that way and they’re sure as hell cute. In fact, they’re “all the better to flip you off with, my dear.”

^ that comment right there






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not a guy, they/them

all i can see is punk thor


i think i might have just found the father of my children


Crystals, herbs, potions & nature ~ ☾ • ˚ * 。 •  

 Malpelo Silkies | Tomas Kotouc 

How I would love to be swimming with them.


Malpelo Silkies | Tomas Kotouc

How I would love to be swimming with them.